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Recommendation for 7Sage Platform!

AJamal22AJamal22 Member
in Off-topic 205 karma

Hey everyone! As the June LSAT is coming up these next few days, I have spent more time on this platform these past couple of weeks than I ever have expected. So I wondered if 7Sage can offer information about "time on the website" or "time dedicated" where individuals can see how many hours and days have been spent on this website. Of course, this isn't really a "useful" tool, but more so as a fun little logistic tidbit that shows an individual's dedication and maybe the time they spent, especially once they see their success on the actual exam. It could be as general as a time displayed or as detailed as time on each type of resource. I know it currently offers the time completed as percentage of CC and PT but something for the entire website, including explanation videos. Thank you.

7Sage Time Logistic Display
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