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reading comp help

Barbie BlondeBarbie Blonde Alum Member

hey guys! I hope your study sessions are going.

I've been struggling a lot with reading comprehension mainly just understanding the passages and then having a hard time referencing them back. Is there any advice you can give me to improve? I want to improve by 5 points on reading comp in 10-12 days. I was thinking of doing a reading comp everyday and making corrections on it to understand what I did wrong. if you could drop below some techniques that worked for you please let me know.


  • jenleevajenleeva Monthly Member
    189 karma

    Are you taking untimed sections? This really helped me improve my memory, and I realized that literally everything (except maybe inference questions) can be found in the passage. Once I understood that, I began to be better at remembering small details in relation to the main point. Untimed sections help you dive deep into the passages!

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