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Thank you 7Sage and thank you Everyone!

sarahblairsarahblair Monthly Member
edited July 2021 in General 604 karma

Hello hello,

I am coming on to say that my LSAT journey has seemingly come to a close after receiving my June flex score! I am proud of how far I have come and so ready for the steps ahead. The point of this post, though, is not to rejoice in my journey but thank all of those who made it possible for me. I literally do not think I could have accomplished what I did without 7Sage- JY (of course!), the other instructors, and the whole community. To all my fellow 7Sagers- you guys were some of my most important cheerleaders and people I looked to for advice. The forums on here are truly amazing, and I loved being able to interact with everyone in such a seamless fashion. Even if only one person sees this who is beginning their journey on 7Sage, I will be happy. May it be a sentiment and hopefully motivation to those who need it. To everyone not done yet- keep going. You truly can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I've heard so many people say this and never really took it to heart. Trust me, it's true and you'll get there. It's good to push yourself and realize that goals should require continuous dedication. And to those who have completed this journey alongside of me- CONGRATS. This is such an exciting time, may the future be bright for all.


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