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Don't give up.

canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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Some of you might be disappointed with your score today. If you haven't yet, take a moment to write down everything you can recall from the test... how you felt, the difficulties you encountered, etc. This will be valuable going forward.

Now check this out: the score you want is absolutely achievable. Yes, for you specifically. Just don't give up.

I felt the same way you do right now... several times. I have 7 scores, 5 are in the 16low and below range, and just one in my target score range. The test is unforgiving, and brutally consistent at exposing your weaknesses. You just haven't figured out what works yet. What you can't see that people who have finished can (especially those of us who teach this test and remain part of this community) is that this is just one more piece of the puzzle for you. This needed to happen for you to get where you're going. Every score release I have clients who are crushed by an underperformance. Those are the same people who if they stick with it, absolutely destroy the test a few months later... I've been talking to them all morning today. People who went from almost giving up on school altogether to having a legit shot at HYS this coming cycle... people who are now withdrawing from their regional acceptances to take a swing at the T14. This happens reliably, every. single. test. The major factor that allows people to ultimately succeed? Not giving up. The rest will follow.

You want to go to law school for a reason... that goal determines the type of school you want, which determines the score range you need. Unless we compromise our goals, you just need to decide that you will do what needs to be done. Maybe it'll take longer than expected, but I'd say your dreams are worth it.

Congrats to everyone getting their scores today. Regardless of the outcome, you are now one step further along in your journey.


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