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Looking for an RC study buddy!

emmorensemmorens Core Member
edited July 2021 in Study Groups 1470 karma

I'm looking to nail down my RC score, I just took a full timed section and went -8 on the whole thing. I don't feel it was my best performance (I was tired and my dog started barking midway through lol).

Anyways, I feel I could use some accountability here and am interested to see if there is anyone scoring within the same range (I feel like I usually score between -7 to -4) who would be interested in a weekly zoom session where we briefly discuss the passage and then go through BR together to pound out some reasoning and challenge each others POV's! Ideally I'm looking to form a group with no more than two others as I want to make the zoom calls pretty efficient. :)

I'm in Canada (EST) an I'd be hoping to meet one day a week in the morning/afternoon - just not evenings! I'll be taking the October exam and I'm currently working with RC in the 30s.


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