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Etiquette on starting a new thread asking for help (when #help requests have gone unanswered)

phosita_phoeatahphosita_phoeatah Yearly Member
edited August 2021 in General 238 karma

I get that starting a separate thread for each question I have would probably be bad form, but I was wondering if I could start a new thread, say for every 10 (or even 20) of my help tag requests that go unanswered. Of course, after receiving useful help, I'll go update my original request with helpful response from others; that would seem to be the least I could do to "pay it forward".

From the general ethos of this site, my take is that this would be permissible, but I want to make sure I don't run afoul of anything.

Or is the prevailing view here that those unanswered help tag requests should be best left for tutors on an individual basis?

Background: A lot of help tags rarely get answered. I may have at most 2 out of 10 answered so far. And as I am making my way through the curriculum, I often see unanswered comments with help tags from months ago. Perhaps those questions no longer need to be addressed, but I get the impression that having them addressed earlier would have been beneficial to the original requester.

I'm just starting the core curriculum, but I tend to start my day by browsing the list of help tags. Some of these are inappropriate for me to answer (e.g. unfamiliar topics), but as I have retained quite a bit from the college-level prepositional logic course at which I did well, I try to help out where I can, fully cognizant of the fact that I'm also benefiting by having to formulate and distill my own thought processes while I answer the questions.

  1. How should I proceed after having a few unanswered help requests4 votes
    1. Start a thread
    2. Save the questions for a tutor


  • Granger DangerGranger Danger Alum Member
    717 karma

    Asking questions is how we learn. Keep posting them. I would put your questions in the main discussion area if they are not getting answered within a week or so. I personally don't check the #help area often, I probably should, but it seems the 7sage community talks more frequently on the main discussion boards. Good on you to ask this.

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8139 karma

    Post in here... #help tags are typically only noticed if someone is browsing the LSAT dashboard (and unfortunately not a lot of people think you can benefit from explaining questions to others. Narrator: you can), or if your comment is near the top of a video thread... and then you are primarily reaching just the other people who also had trouble with the question.

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