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Random drastic decline- SOS

I was making major progress on all of my sections, but RC seems to have taken a turn for the worst. The decline started at the same time I began taking my PTs on Lawhub in preparation for the exam. I am drilling 4-passage sections and doing really well, but it’s not transferring to my PTs. The most concerning thing is I didn’t feel like I did badly on my PTs… Any tips, advice, prior experience with this phenomenon? Thank you in advance!


  • Devon IIIDevon III Monthly Member
    18 karma

    time pressure could be tripping you up?? are you drilling timed or not?

  • haleyplatt27haleyplatt27 Alum Member
    44 karma

    @"Devon III" said:
    time pressure could be tripping you up?? are you drilling timed or not?

    Only drilling timed. Answering all questions in the section.

  • LawyeringForLifeLawyeringForLife Alum Member
    278 karma

    so without knowing if you do better if RC is first on the PT, if your replicating testing conditions correctly or if you just recently started doing full PTs, I am still forced to guess. Still I would venture to say: stamina. Take the full minute b/n sections and focus on completely regaining composure. Reset - it may help to imagine you are just doing another section drill, not a full PT. If you just recently started PT-ing, it may just be the stamina adjustment, but w/ good fundamentals you should bounce right back.

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