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Looking for advice

emmorensemmorens Core Member
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Hey all! I'm just looking for a bit of advice for my situation.

I'm a Canadian applicant (Ontario) and my applications will be due November 1st, but I can take the LSAT up until January 2022.

I am going into my third cycle of applications, and while my situation is different this time around I can't help but feel like I shouldn't apply this year since I don't have the score I need on file - I'm registered for November's test.

Both previous cycles that I applied for were a rush for me, I hadn't even broken a 160 and that was the score I needed, I was clearly applying very prematurely lol. This time around - my latest PT was a 165 and I'm working with a tutor, so the way I've approached the exam is very different.

Anyways, I told myself that if I'm applying this year I need to reconnect with my professors by October 1st so that they have sufficient time to re-upload their LOR's but I am realizing and panicking now because that's next week lol.

I guess what I'm getting at is - I feel like I'm doing the same thing over again which has only ever resulted in failure. While my capabilities and score is much different this time around, I still have anxieties about applying without a score. When I'm weighing my options though, it doesn't seem worth it to take another entire year off when I am scoring above my goal?

Just looking for anyone else who may have helpful advice to offer!


  • JMPlaw19JMPlaw19 Member
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    I hope this helps, but they dont need to resend the letter of rec, it is stored by LSAC for five years, so you can just simply reselect the ones you already have previously submitted.

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