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LSAT Unknowns

I am taking the November LSAT and I can't seem to get my score up on Reading Comprehension. I have improved on everything else but for some reason, Reading Comprehension is getting to me (probably the boring passages) any tips?


  • LegalityLegality Alum Member
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    My biggest tip would be to change your attitude. Right in your question you emphasized that you think the passages are boring. If you find something boring, it's almost impossible to fully focus on it. And if you can't focus on something, you don't have a snowball's chance of fully comprehending it. To improve on RC, you want to pique your own interest in the passage. And, in fact, they are often pretty interesting! You want to be a lawyer, lawyer's have to learn new things all the time, and these RC passages provide a rare opportunity to learn something new about a topic you otherwise would likely be unfamiliar with.

    For me, my biggest consistent increase in RC came when I stopped looking at it as a chore and started looking at it as an opportunity to learn something new. To jumpstart this perspective shift in my brain, I scan for the main topic of the passage (often revealed in the first sentence or two) and when I identity it I think to myself "oh, cool! I get to learn about X."

    For me, this made me go from missing an average of 7 per RC section to missing an average of 2. Hope it helps you as well!

  • Thank you so much! I definitely agree that thinking negatively of it isn’t going to help. Your advice is highly appreciated.

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