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LSAT Plateau

vspicy23vspicy23 Member
in General 190 karma

Hi all,

I have taken 3 practice tests in the last 2 months and I have gotten the same score on all three. Is there any advice on how to break this plateau? Some strategies I can implement in order to increase my score 5-10 points. Any advice is appreciated!


  • kgburkskgburks Member
    2 karma

    Easiest to improve is your LG section imo. Just keep doing Logic Games one after another. I would do (at least) 1 an hour and within a month I went from -8 on that section to -1 or 2

  • vspicy23vspicy23 Member
    190 karma

    @kgburks Thanks for your response! LG is def my best section. I'm scoring a -5 right now but thats with running out of time for the fourth game. Did you practice them timed?

  • Miryana YaldaMiryana Yalda Live Member
    63 karma

    I agree this is the section where you can improve most, obviously you have to work on the other sections to get a good score overall.

    You should take your time with each game, and do the blind review before reviewing your answers, I believe this is where you learn most from, I say this from my own experience. I think you should worry about the time, once you start scoring really well on game section, have memorizes the inferences in general for the games, and you say to yourself I’ve got this. You really got this!

    Oh and I recommend staying away from a game that you scored perfect on, because it’s too fresh in your mind to do it the next day. So, I suggest for two days work on other games or sections of the exam and then come back to the other one(s) and do it under time pressure. I hope this helps, good luck!

  • vspicy23vspicy23 Member
    190 karma

    @RoseMary-1 I would say I score pretty well when untimed. I get anywhere from -1 to -4 wrong when it's untimed. Which is why i feel like now my biggest enemy is the time!

    Also, Do you have any tips on how to improve w LR? I get the same question types wrong all the time

  • Miryana YaldaMiryana Yalda Live Member
    63 karma

    I think the more you do games, the faster you get, and then the time doesn’t become an issue because you’ve picked up on and memorized the inferences. I got better with the timed game section when I started drilling literally nonstop and learned the inferences.

    I wish I could help you with LR, but that’s my worse section tbh! I’m thinking to get a tutor or redo the entire LR section again to see where I went wrong. Which question types are you most struggling with?

    When are you taking the exam?

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