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Taking Nov 2021 LSAT and Need a Tutor in LR

dd223311dd223311 Alum Member

I have been struggling in the LR section, especially in the middle to end of the section. After question 14/15, I tend to get mostly all the questions wrong getting about -10 to -12 wrong in this section. I really hope to improve at this section by the NOV 2021 LSAT. If anyone is kind enough to tutor me for about 3-4 hours a week it would be greatly appreciated. I can compensate you for the hours! I am looking to score in the high 150s, at best a 160. My LG is my strongest section as I occasionally only get about -2 or -3 wrong. I have decided not to prepare as much for the RC with the limited time I have as I feel LG would be easier to improve in the coming weeks. I am looking to get down to -5 or -6 on the LR. Let me know if anyone is able to tutor!! It would be very much appreciated.

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