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Horrible Proctor-Ask me to show ID in the middle of section.

edited October 2021 in October 2021 LSAT 261 karma

I took the test on 12th. During my first LG section, when there was still around 8 mins left. I was doing the hardest duet one. Suddenly, the proctor shouted at me over the MIC that he wanted to see my ID. I didn't know what happened. I was so scared.

I took the ID and showed it to him.
He asked me: Are you done with your test yet? I said no(almost crying), "it's not, there is still eight minutes left."
He said: Oh, I thought you were done. Go ahead with your test.
He didn't press pause for the whole conversation, which cost me about two minutes, and I didn't solve this LG.

I am a non-native speaker, and the proctor also has strong accent. So I didn't understand her what he was requesting at the beginning.

And because of this incident I dumped the next session RC as well.(luckily someone told me the second section is experiment) I had very hard test make up. LG-RC(rap)-RC(Canadian writer- Paternalism) -LR

I've been thinking about it since Tuesday, it's so infuriating that I completed all the security testing before the exam. Have any of you guys ever been interrupted in the middle of an exam and asked to see the ID?

I quit my job on April and prepare it full time. This is my second lsat. I have been PTing consistently around 170. But I think I have been crewed up on this time.

Why why why? Why some random proctor can interrupted you on such a high stake test and bear almost no cost. Did he do that just for fun?


  • thinkorswimthinkorswim Alum Member
    428 karma

    That is honestly messed up. You need to write a complaint to LSAC they must surely refund you and give you a free write. Hope all is well. Life throws terrible things at you and I hope you will continue on in the face of adversity.

  • Karsa OrlongKarsa Orlong Alum Member
    61 karma

    This is really scary. I'm writing for the first time in Nov and I hate that a tactless proctor has become my overwhelming dread... back in the old days you only needed to worry about the conformation of the test!

    Will take your experience to heart. I won't comply with any instructions from them during the test that aren't first accompanied by a pausing of the time. And if they jabber away noisily instead I'll mute them and continue on, damn the consequences.

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