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Oct 21 retake score release?

ornela..ornela.. Alum Member
edited October 2021 in October 2021 LSAT 66 karma

Hey just finished the retake!! Just wondering if the score for todays retakers will be released on 10/27 like everyone else or we will have to wait longer? Can't find anything on it just that the 10/14 - 10/17 retakers get their score on the 27th still.


  • A Gay ExistentialistA Gay Existentialist Monthly Member
    4 karma

    Hi there,

    Those re-taking the October 2021 administration, whether on 10/14, 10/17, or 10/21, will also be receiving their scores on 10/27, at 9:00am ET.

  • brownga02brownga02 Alum Member
    3 karma

    Yep! I confirmed with LSAC that our scores will be released with everyone else's

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