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Scheduling Test

profmlcsprofmlcs Alum Member
in General 11 karma

Hi all,

Any advice/strategies for when to schedule the test in terms of which day/time on the test weekend? I'm concerned after hearing so many reports of the terrible technical/server issues, especially with the October 2021 test and had wondered if perhaps the server crashed because of so many people taking the test on a particular day of the weekend/time slot. I am taking the November test.



  • a_pmorenoca_pmorenoc Alum Member
    633 karma

    Personally I chose Tuesday because I had the impression that most people would test on the weekend due to work/school commitments, but I still had an awful experience lol, I would just make sure to do everything possible on your end to be prepared (in terms of computer settings and allowing the proctor access to your computer), everything else is outside of your control and LSAC will have to compensate you in some form

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