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What 7sage videos should I watch again?

TheWildsTheWilds Core Member

Hi, I was curious if anyone had any 7sage videos that they would suggest someone scoring mid 150's should re-watch in the couple of weeks leading to the November test. Any videos that you think explain something often forgotten or gave you a feeling of clarity would be appreciated!


  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Member
    855 karma

    Depends on where you want to score. What is your target? Do you want to maintain the mid-150s or improve to 160? Do you have to take November test or can you postpone?

  • TheWildsTheWilds Core Member
    17 karma

    The admission counselor I spoke with urged me to test in November. I also need only to maintain the mid 150 score to be admitted, however, I would of course love to improve as much as possible.

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