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How to defeat the low score?

odiwill32odiwill32 Alum Member
in General 17 karma

I recently took a diagnostic and got a 137 which is the same exact score I got the first time on the LSAT.
So clearly this creates a mental funk with the exam. Any tips?


  • PatBackkPatBackk Monthly Member
    198 karma

    Firstly, take the time to make your way through the core curriculum- every last bit of it. Just completing that got me a 7 point score increase!

  • gabes900gabes900 Alum Member
    855 karma

    Go through the CC slowly like @PatBackk has said above.

    If you have any trouble with question-types, watch videos, type out explanations, review them. Do everything in your power to actually understand what JY is teaching you while you are going through CC. Also, do the problem set drills right after learning a question type and taking notes. I recommend doing the questions timed, then Blind Reviewing them (taking them untimed), then after all of that, watch JY's video explanations for the questions you got wrong, spent a lot of time on, or just didn't feel like you understood completely. Then, start the process all over again, again and again. It is tedious but this is how I have improved and many other people.

    I started with diagnostic cold take at around a 140. After reading up on LSAT and getting a better gauge of test my second diagnostic was around a 149/150. Now I am around low 160s again. Just takes time, practice, understanding, proper review, patience and consistency.

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