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Took November, onto January 2022

ShambhabiShambhabi Monthly Member

Hi everyone, I took the test two days ago and I’ve tried not to think about it but I‘m starting to feel that I didn’t do as well as I planned to. I think LG went well, I was confident about my answers except for one question. RC I feel okay about but given that this section has always varied for me (-5 to -8) I can’t say for sure. LR is the toss-up. I don’t know if you guys have experienced this but the questions seemed foreign and I just can’t pinpoint why. Usually in practice I’m able to eliminate and narrow down to two choices but for several questions I had three choices still remaining and couldn’t quite pinpoint the purpose of the stimulus. I felt this way about LR in August (first time taking) as well but at that point I thought perhaps I just didn’t have enough experience. Obviously I won’t know my score until December but I’m feeling bummed that the section I was most excited about I just couldn’t execute as planned.

With about two months to January, I am thinking about reading the Loophole — has this been helpful for any of you? My goal score is 170 and at this point I feel like maybe I should go back to the basics and try the sections untimed to guage my accuracy before continuing with timed practices. Would appreciate all advice! Thanks!


  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1488 karma

    That really depends, how far are you from your goal score? If you are in the mid-upper 160s, you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals, and it is likely down to test taking strategy to shore up those last few points. Go through your BR in a painstaking way to really figure out what you are missing and why. Be sure you know when to skip a question, are consistent with your methods, etc.
    If you are farther from your goal score, like below 160, or even in the low 160s, then yes, you could benefit from more work on fundamentals, and if most of your missed points are in LR, Loophole could help.

    tl;dr: if close to 170, perfect your BR method. If far, consider Loophole to improve fundamentals.

  • ShambhabiShambhabi Monthly Member
    108 karma

    I am in the low-mid to sometimes high 160s at this point. My score seems to vary at different times so I would really like to be more consistent going into the January test. I know that at this point I will probably miss a few questions here and there but I would like to bring both LR and RC down to -3. I think I can get LG down to -0 with more practice.

    With regard to specific strategies, what are some things I could try? I have been more aware of skipping when I just don’t understand the stimulus after reading it twice for LR & really focusing on low resolution summaries and finding an answer choice I can prove on RC. In my eight months or so of prep, I jumped right into timed sections after learning the fundamentals so maybe I would benefit from removing the time aspect for a short while and then come back into it.

  • oliver_oceanoliver_ocean Alum Member
    36 karma

    @shambhabipaudyal1 hey! I’m in the exact same not, consistent 160s sometimes low sometimes high, if you want to work together, it might be nice to check in every once and a while as we break thru to 170s

  • bekabewley-1bekabewley-1 Monthly Member
    26 karma

    Hi. I am working through the Loophole book right now. It is helpful in refreshing some of the LR concepts that came very early in the 7sage program. If you would be interested in studying via zoom ( @oliver_ocean you too) I would be down to maybe do a productive study group.

    I should finish the LR book by the end of this weekend and am going to go back to PT's w/ blind review, but this time around I want to really deeply explore the questions I'm missing (at least for LR and LG). Let me know if that sounds like it would be beneficial to either of you!

  • t___lanet___lane Alum Member
    edited December 2021 62 karma

    @bekabewley-1 if you guys are getting together to study count me in.

  • milansingh53milansingh53 Alum Member
    12 karma

    I would like to be part of the zoom study group as well, I am in the same boat as you guys. @bekabewley-1 @oliver_ocean @t___lane

  • ShambhabiShambhabi Monthly Member
    108 karma

    I'm a bit late in replying but I've actually decided to take the test in June 2022 and apply next cycle. I think going through the Core Curriculum would be a fresh start for me since 7Sage is not what I used the first time around for my foundational prep. I do plan on reading Loophole & the study group would be great - when do you guys plan on taking the test?

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