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How do you check to see how well you did on each section?

Dzzy12328Dzzy12328 Core Member

Hi. I got a 160 on the November 2021 LSAT. I'm not satisfied with this score, but I'd like to see how well I did on each section so that I can tell which sections need the most improvement for January. Where can you check for this?


  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1417 karma

    @Dzzy12328 Unfortunately, November 2021 LSAT is non-disclosed test and we won't know our performance on individual sections. Best of luck.

    edited December 2021 65 karma

    You can only see how well you did on each section if the LSAT is disclosed. The November 2021 LSAT is nondisclosed, thats why you aren't seeing any section breakdowns along with your score report.

    More information:

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