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158 --> 152 :(

my Nov score is WAY lower than the 158 I scored before
It’s definitely an anomaly….I screwed up my best section due to the last game on LG.
Should I forget it ever happened and run with the 158 from months before? Or retake in Jan? I wanted to apply this month, and I know the Jan test will have my apps on hold til Feb which is so late :( AND what if I cannot surpass 158.


  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
    831 karma

    158 is a perfectly decent score at a number of reputable schools. How is your uGPA? If you're deadset on applying this cycle and don't want to risk applying late, then I say work with what you have. Especially if you're already around the median at the schools you plan on applying to.

    But if you feel like you can break into the 160's based on your PT-record, that would certainly help you out even if you apply in February.

  • ineedbrunchineedbrunch Member
    93 karma

    @"andrew.rsn" very average GPA 3.59 :(

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