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Nov LSAT -10 pts

vanessang46vanessang46 Free Trial Member
edited December 2021 in November 2021 LSAT 13 karma

I scored way lower than my first LSAT in August and the score is just too embarrassing to post. I did a whole course for months but evening classes didn't do much. Any recommendations on private tutors that aren't crazy expensive given I've already spent 1500 on a course that didn't help me? I hear good things of 7sage so here I am!


  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
    831 karma

    Sorry to hear about your LSAT experience, but you've come to the right place. 7sage is really awesome, the Core Curriculum prepares you very well for understanding each type of question. and the Blind Review method that J.Y insists upon is an absolute necessity in order to improve. I think what's great is that you have a course to follow along with, but it forces you to do the work and be active rather than sitting in a classroom where it's easy for the information to go over your head.

    After going through the CC - do a ton of Practice Tests (but no more than 2 a week) and Blind Review every time. I myself took close to 40 practice tests before I took the LSAT.

    There are plenty of people on here offering tutoring services, but I think if you embrace 7sage and adjust your studying habits, you'll notice an improvement.

    Are you considering delaying a cycle and taking the test again next spring/summer, or are you planning on retaking in January?

  • vanessang46vanessang46 Free Trial Member
    13 karma

    Retaking Jan 2022 and depending on that score I will either apply or delay for the 2023 cycle. I just learned about the BR and think it will help tremendously. On my first BR PT this week. I also enrolled in a new course/tutoring that I hope will even boost my chances.

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