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Looking for small focused study group for Feb 2022 LSAT (retaking it after June and time off)

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I am looking for a couple of people who are looking to take the Feb 2022 LSAT. I took the flex version last June and scored 155 and looking to break the 170's. I am hoping to work with others one PT a week, or do some isolated sections together. I am in PST and study between the hours of 9 am- 1pm and after 4pm. I am studying about 6 hrs. a day and still work part time but my work hours are remote and flexible. Thank you all and best of luck!


  • jurbanivjurbaniv Member
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    Hi! I am interested and I am taking the February LSAT as well (it will be my first). I am EST, and I will be unavailable this upcoming week (graduated Sunday, going to Florida until Monday).
    I am particularly interested in working on LR. I will be studying throughout the day until January 3, then I begin work full time and I will study after 6pm until test day.

  • H.K. WangH.K. Wang Member
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    Hi! I know the Jan and Feb test are kinda close so thought a Jan group might work for you too. Wanting to see if you're interested in joining this one

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