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Looking for study group for the June LSAT

pfaxange19pfaxange19 Free Trial Member

Hi Everyone, this is my second go around for taking the LSAT and I find myself taking a different approach this time around and would like to form a study group to support and help each other out through this journey. Perhaps motivate, inspire or to share tips and tricks that has worked for everyone to be successful in scoring will on the the upcoming LSAT. Please let me know and I will gladly get a Google Hangouts group started! I am located in Minnesota and would love to go through this journey with others who would like to bounce ideas, share what works or ask for help and get the support we all need to stay on track!


  • natb1895natb1895 Member
    38 karma

    Hey I'm in Australia and studying for the June LSAT (our dates are slightly later than yours) but I'd still be interested if you are!

  • pfaxange19pfaxange19 Free Trial Member
    edited March 2017 6 karma

    Hi, the more the merrier!!! I am all for collaboration and bouncing ideas off how we can all be successful at taking the LSAT. I'd like to get a Google Hangouts group setup so that we can all communicate that way. Do you have a Google Hangouts account or gmail account? PM me for mine!

    Talk soon!

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  • paniz.gh91paniz.gh91 Free Trial Member
    82 karma

    Hi, I'd like to join you guys however I need to know which preptests you are planning to BR so I don't do them!

  • TuakuHijTuakuHij Alum Member
    39 karma

    Hi, may I please join you guys?

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
    9377 karma

    @TuakuHij said:
    Hi, may I please join you guys?

    Hey this thread is from 2 years ago so I don't think they are here anymore! 😅

    Here is a thread for June 2019 LSAT study group:

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