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Should I Skip to the Reading Comprehension Section of the Core Curriculum?

Sensrock20Sensrock20 Yearly Member

Hello All,

Just as many of you, I struggle with reading comprehension. However, I am new to 7Sage and would like strengthen my RC score, but I understand that it is one of the later sections we go through in the core curriculum. Would anyone know if it's fine to simply start learning about the RC sections, or would you suggest that I take things in order.



  • itonydelatorreitonydelatorre Monthly Member
    158 karma

    What's your time frame looking like, how are you doing in other sections? If you are already crushing logical reasoning and logic games, you'll find it quite monotonous to go through the entire course. In that case you'll probably be fine to just do RC.

    If you'd go through the whole course anyways, or if you have a tough time in LR in particular, then I'd go in order.

    While you can understand the RC section fine on its own imo, some of the strategies and notations and stuff used in breaking down passages were explained in LR. I'm sure either way you'll catch on quick if you have a decent grasp on it.

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