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RC Post-BR Review

LSAT_NewbLSAT_Newb Yearly Member
edited December 2021 in Reading Comprehension 96 karma

Currently averaging –2-3 on RC sections. Misses are confined almost exclusively to 4- and 5-level difficulty questions. Basics are on point, and I generally feel calm and composed during PTs.

Question: Is it worth going through RC sections in post-BR reviews, i.e., in review sessions 2-3 days after taking and BRing a PT? If so, advice on how to effectively conduct such review would be greatly appreciated.

For context, average score of 5 most recent PTs is a 173.


  • Burden.of.FloofBurden.of.Floof Monthly Member
    1034 karma

    I'm scoring similarly, and I think it's worth it. It's important to understand why those tough questions keep tripping you up if your ultimate goal is -0.

    I would do a thorough PR review like anything else. Go through the section question by question and try to understand where you could have saved time that could have been devoted to the tougher questions. When you get to the questions you got wrong, evaluate. Why are the tougher questions rated the way they are...what makes them more challenging? Is it tricky wording, is it about a section in the passage that's particularly difficult to understand? Just recently I learned something by getting a tough question wrong, because I didn't understand the difference between refuting a claim, and arguing that someone's claim is incomplete.

    Try different strategies... one thing I'm considering doing is skipping like I would for LR. Since I don't seem to have problems re-familiarizing myself with the passage when I come back to it, I'm going to only answer the questions that I'm 100% certain about, and then save the 3 or 4 questions that gave me trouble until the end.

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