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Took Prep Test 72: How do I put the answers into 7Sage so I don't need to take it again?

audrey1210audrey1210 Core Member
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I took Prep Test 72 on LawHub and linked my account to 7Sage, now it wants me to take Prep Test 72 again? I want to review my answers/do blind review. How do I do this? I would prefer to take my tests on LawHub so I can get familiar with the test format.


  • u______uu______u Core Member
    233 karma

    On top of the section listings, you should see three options "printable," "convert," and "delete." Choose "convert" and your test will become an answer sheet you can put answers into.

  • Cherry - Student ServiceCherry - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    edited January 2022 1172 karma

    Hi there,

    The PrepTests you took on LawHub will not be automatically updated on your 7Sage account. When you link your LSAC Prep Plus subscription to your 7Sage account, this give you access to the licensed materials on 7Sage.

    However, you can enter your results on 7Sage using our Answer Sheet so that you can track your Analytics on our site and do your blind review.

    Here are the steps to do this:

    First, you will have to convert the PrepTest from digital to paper by tapping on the "Convert" button on the Digital Tester. See the screenshot below:

    After you "convert" the PrepTest from digital to paper, you will have the option to enter your answers on the Answer Sheet.


    To enter your Blind Review answers, tap on the question number to show the blind review answer choices.


    If you wish, you can change the date on the Answer Sheet by tapping on the date at the top left corner of the Answer Sheet.

    When you are finished, tap the big "Save and Score LSAT" blue button at the bottom of the Answer Sheet to score your answers.


    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions!

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