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From 154 diagnostic to ?

I began my LSAT journey long ago in August 2020. At first, it started with light research about the LSAT and then an intense urge to use Khan Academy's free LSAT services. It was a mistake. After burning through most of the recent available PTs, I found 7Sage and the PowerScore bibles. PowerScore really helped to solidify some basic principles of the test but I also realized it wasn't enough. When 7Sage offered their reduced fee for those with fee waivers, I started going through the core curriculum. Now, over a year a later, I just took my fourth LSAT in January and it felt great. I have gone through nearly every question in LSAT existence (that is available). My takeaways are:

  1. Take the LSAT as many times as you can if you have a good reason to believe your LSAT score will increase.
  2. DO EVERY LOGIC GAME. It is the only way that can basically guarantee a perfect section.
  3. Do not neglect RC. The advice of the internet is that this section cannot be improved and that is blatantly false.
  4. The LSAT is fun, it really is.

I went from a 154 diagnostic score, which is probably inflated since Khan Academy tells you to keep going when you run out of time, to scoring only in the 170s. By the time I sat down for the January LSAT, my average sections were LG (-0), LR (-1 to -2), and RC (-2 to -5) on average. The LSAT is certainly not an IQ test and is completely learnable if you give yourself the time!


  • Socrates Part 2Socrates Part 2 Monthly Member
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    Awesome, I got the exact same diagnostic score on 7Sage with no prep. Would you recommend integrating Powerscore after the 7Sage core curriculum? A friend gave me the 2018 Powerscore bibles to help but im not sure if mixing info from 2 different prep sources at the same time is going to confuse me for 7sage. I feel like some of the sections in the curriculum do become redundant, what did you feel was the best way to motivate yourself for so long?

  • DontPay4LawSchoolDontPay4LawSchool Alum Member
    566 karma

    @"jake from state farm-1" I also used the LSAT Demon to study as well. In that respect, I found mixing prep materials allowed me to pick and choose strategies I found the most helpful. So, it’s really up to you but it worked for me! I don’t really see an issue with going to PowerScore if you’re already using 7Sage. In terms of motivation, I am very independent and treated this test like my only way out of poverty. Outside of that, I think being happy and rewarding yourself with progress was fun. I would also suggest finding someone you can celebrate your achievements with that understands this process

  • 137 karma

    Was your core curriculum discounted because of the fee waivers received?

  • 137 karma

    Oh shoot, how did you do that? And how much, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Juliet --Student Service--Juliet --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
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    @"Persistence_beats-resistance28" said:
    Oh shoot, how did you do that? And how much, if you don't mind me asking?

    Hi there,

    7Sage's Fee Waiver Program allows students who have LSAC fee waivers to access our Ultimate+ curriculum at a reduced cost. With an LSAC fee waiver, students can enroll in our Fee Waiver Program and get four months of Ultimate+ for $40. You can find more information about our Fee Waiver Program on this page.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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