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LG Riddle for Fun

lsat_muselsat_muse Alum Member
edited February 2022 in Logic Games 64 karma

I don't know about you but I'm someone who gets really excited when I stumble upon opportunities to use LSAT skills in the real world. Last night, I found riddle, which turned out to be a 5-layer sequencing game!

This comes from the video game Dishonored 2 and it's titled the "Jindosh Riddle." The exact details change from game to game so there could be many versions of the same riddle and many solutions out there. If you like riddles--and have transitioned from hating to enjoying LG--this should be fun to solve:

At the dinner party were Lady Winslow, Doctor Marcolla, Countess Contee, Madam Natsiou, and Baroness Finch.
The women sat in a row. They all wore different colors and Countess Contee wore a jaunty green hat. Doctor Marcolla was at the far left, next to the guest wearing a red jacket. The lady in white sat left of someone in blue. I remember that white outfit because the woman spilled her wine all over it. The traveler from Baleton was dressed entirely in purple. When one of the dinner guests bragged about her Ring, the woman next to her said they were finer in Baleton, where she lived.
So Madam Natsiou showed off a prized Snuff Tin, at which the lady from Dunwall scoffed, saying it was no match for her Bird Pendant. Someone else carried a valuable War Medal and when she saw it, the visitor from Fraeport next to her almost spilled her neighbor's beer. Lady Winslow raised her run in toast. The lady from Dabokva, full of absinthe, jumped up onto the table falling onto the guest in the center seat, spilling the poor woman's whiskey. Then Baroness Finch captivated them all with a story about her wild youth in Karnaca.
In the morning, there were four heirlooms under the table: the Ring, Diamond, the Bird Pendant, and the War Medal.
But who owned each?

Answer Key:



  • fin..501fin..501 Alum Member
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    Thanks for posting!! crazy amount of info to take in... If you get pretty far in and get stuck, read quote below. There is one sentence with a very ambiguous meaning, and the correct interpretation is not really the intuitive one. I had both interpretations written with a big OR on my page and only one worked so I figured I was right.

    One of the top comments on the reddit thread:
    For anyone trying to solve it on their own who stumbled across this thread:

    There is a sentence that reads "Someone else carried a valuable [Heirloom 4] and when she saw it, the visitor from [Home 3] next to her almost spilt her neighbour’s [Drink 2]."

    Based on my run through, the correct way to read this (absent ambiguity about 'her' and 'she') is:

    "Someone else carried a valuable [Heirloom 4] and when the visitor from [Home 3], next to the owner of [Heirloom 4], saw it, the visitor from [Home 3] almost spilt the [Heirloom 4] owner's[Drink 2]."

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