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PT 84 Score And Advice On better studying techniques for improving score

BRReivaBRReiva Alum Member
in General 55 karma

To give some backstory: I have taken the LSAT last month and got a 133. I know not the greatest but I’m wanting to improve. I just took PT 84 and got the exact same score. I have just started practicing again every day for 2.5-3 hrs a day. I am using a mix of 7Sage Study Plan/Course and Khan Academy for drills.
If anyone has any other studying techniques that might help me improve more or helpful tips I am interested in anything.


  • MattDegz14MattDegz14 Alum Member
    129 karma

    Start from the beginning of 7Sage's Core Curriculum and go from there. You'll see plenty of improvement but it won't happen overnight. J.Y. is an absolute genius and really does a great job at making the LSAT easier to understand. Once you're through the entire core curriculum, it just takes repetitions.

  • claremontclaremont Monthly Member
    edited February 2022 590 karma

    What is your target score and how many wrong are you getting per section?

  • BRReivaBRReiva Alum Member
    edited March 2022 55 karma

    Target score is a 148-150. Since that’s what I need for the school I was looking at. But I’m challenging myself to see if I can hit a 161/2
    PS: Sorry for the delayed response works been killing me lol.

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