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eddy_13033eddy_13033 Monthly Member
in Off-topic 22 karma

Anyone else having problems focusing on the LSAT ???
I have moments where i get really motivated and then i stop out of the blue.
Anyone else having this problem.


  • JusticeLawJusticeLaw Member
    194 karma

    Thanks for the Comment Post. You are not alone. I must join you on that.

    I took a moment to watch a movie and listened to a few cartoons for laughter. But we have to think about our goal.

    Don't beat up on yourself. Take a break, regroup and move on. If you have to redo, then repeat. Like the Michael Jackson song says, "Don't stop till you get enough..." (LSAT).

  • jenleevajenleeva Alum Member
    190 karma

    I watched “Crash Course Studying” on YouTube and learned a lot about focus & concentration, anxiety, etc. It didn’t magically solve my problems, but it gave me a context into the way I was thinking and assured me that I wasn’t alone. I’d highly recommend it!

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