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For sdumlao’s study group (This is a closed study group. This announcement is to those tagged)

sdumlaosdumlao Member
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3/24/2022 **(This is a closed study group. This announcement is to those tagged.)

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Hello, Study Buddies!

I hope all is well and that studying has been going relatively smoothly. As you know, we are nearing the end of our second week of studying since we formed as a group-- go us!

I wanted to let you know that our GroupMe has been growing and the information, resources, and tips everyone has shared has been incredible. One of our most recent and exciting resources for our group is the opportunity to have an hour seminar with 7Sage’s Scott Milam.

As a group we are currently trying to find the best day and time to meet and are in the process of ironing out an agenda for our seminar, so if you have not had a chance to check out our GroupMe and pitch your ideas and availability, I encourage you to come to one of our study sessions or to reach out to me and communicate to get the link to our GroupMe if you don’t already have it. The poll to vote on the meeting time with Scott closes March 27 @ 9:35 PM PST in the GroupMe (that’s 3 days from now; the sooner you can vote, the better.)

Our burgeoning group of study buddies have been supportive and friendly and have far exceeded my expectations. To my study buddies that have been coming to the sessions and communicating with me and each other, thank you, you are truly amazing!

If you haven’t had a chance to drop in to a study session yet, or maybe you feel too much time has passed, or you feel awkward, or any number of reasons why, I want to let you know that you are still welcome in our group and that there are folks (including me) wanting to (e)meet you, encourage you, and study along side you. Please reach out and let’s get you plugged in.

Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”


(This is a closed study group. This announcement is to those tagged.)

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