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In the middle of 3L finals and wanted to say thank you 7sage!

_oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
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Got a random notification from here with a response to some logic games comment and I logged in to here to delete my account and wanted to provide an update.

I half assedly went through the 7sage curriculum for a few weeks during the summer before senior year of undergrad, stopped studying, and then months later took the lsat and got a 158 iirc. Once I learned about the bimodal salary distribution and merit scholarships (thanks TLS), I decided to retake the lsat to aim for a scholarship at a t14 that can get me a big law job to pay off my loans.

After undergrad, I spent a couple months at 2-4 hours a day of 7sage and PTs while working full time as a legal secretary. I was scoring from 162-172 on PTs and almost rescheduled the lsat cuz I wasn’t consistently scoring 167+, but I went for it anyways. Got a 168. I had a 3.8+ gpa from a state school. Got into UT, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown, and waitlisted at almost all the rest of the t14 where I applied. Used Vandy and UT to negotiate a 30% scholarship at Georgetown. Didn’t get off any waitlists despite visiting and sending a lot of LOCIs. Not much WL movement that cycle.

Got a 3.3 gpa during 1L and then raised that to a 3.5 during fall 2L (pandemic OCI was during 2L), which with upperclass grade curve inflation is actually around median and OCI was pretty tough. I did get a big law job in NY. I’m from CA and hate the east coast but I didn’t bother trying to apply to CA firms. Thankfully my firm let me switch before the summer associate gig started. And I applied to be a visiting student at a CA school during 3L so I could move back to CA and settle down where I want to live after law school and 3LOL in warm weather at the beach.

I have like 190k in student loans to pay off including undergrad so I’m very thankful that online resources guided me to a job that can actually pay that off.

Law school kinda blows and in hindsight I would’ve just been a business major in undergrad and not gone to grad school. As an immigrant I didnt really have the resources and network and knowledge that a lot of students have to be able to use a bachelor’s to get a high paying job. I’m happy it all worked out for me cuz my goal was just job security and I feel I have that since I got into big law.


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