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Should I retake a 169?

WickedLostWickedLost Alum Member
in General 472 karma

I was PT-ing around a 171-172 but I scored a 169 on the June LSAT. I know crossing the 170 threshold makes a big difference but I'm torn. Please help..


  • anebotanebot Monthly Member
    14 karma

    There's no ham in retaking; I'm in the same boat as you...but ten points lower lol. I'm retaking just to see what happens and it will be less stressful this time since one test has already been under my belt. I think you should just to see what you can do!

  • tessellation17tessellation17 Alum Member
    edited June 29 14 karma

    I plan on retaking and my situation is remarkably similar to yours: 172 PT average, then scored a 168 in April and a 169 in June. (I should note I did no additional prep between these tests, and I guess it shows; I was hoping I would get lucky, lol.)

    On each of my exams, though I can't prove this given their nondisclosure, I think I completely missed a logic game, due to anxiety but also due to a lack of skill on LG, so I know where my weaknesses lie and I plan to focus on these as I prep for the retake.

    The decision to retake seems obvious to me (lots of potential upside, basically no downside even if you score lower, since law schools just take your highest score), but everyone's situation is different. But if I were you, I'd just go for it.

  • melsathopemelsathope Monthly Member
    27 karma

    Only retake if in your practice tests your score significantly improve. You don't want to risk having the same scores on your PT and then get a lower score than 169 on the actual test.

  • brianhhhhbrianhhhh Monthly Member
    24 karma

    Totally depends on your GPA and target schools. 1.5 points below you average PT is perfectly normal variance. Without more info I cannot give you a particularly definitive answer, so absent that, what's the harm in taking the test again (And studying in the meantime)?

  • sgriffgorsgriffgor Monthly Member
    96 karma

    @anebot Same. No clue what happened but my preptests were averaging about 170 and I completely tanked on the real thing. So depressing.

  • Oserratos1-1Oserratos1-1 Monthly Member
    4 karma

    Look at the schools you want to get into. Do you need the extra 2 or 3 points? Can/want to put yourself through the work commitment that studying for another test entails? These questions you need to ask yourself. You are already at an incredibly high level and each point you go up will give you a diminishing return on investment. You are already better then 95% of the people who take this test. You might be better served by working on your essays and requesting letters of recommendation. However, if you have the time to commit and the will to go through another test. All the more power to you. Law Schools take your highest score so you won't hurt yourself if you get a lower score.

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