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June Test Advice

grace-jobgengrace-jobgen Monthly Member
in General 16 karma

Hi everyone! I took the June LSAT and did not sign up for score review, because I was confident that I was going to score well. My PTs had all been in the high 150s going into the test so I was not too worried. Sadly, I got my score back today and I scored a 148. Since I did not cancel this score will this hurt me when it's time to submit applications?


  • oliviaarnold0-1oliviaarnold0-1 Monthly Member
    9 karma

    Admissions officers always say they take your highest score into account, even though they see all scores. If you re-take and do significantly better, that could show you have grit and a good work ethic! I know someone who scored low at first, re-took the test a few times, ending with a 171 and she's going to UCLA now!

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