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RoccolawRoccolaw Monthly Member
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I scored lower on my retake (168) than my first score (169)

I studied for the first take about 3-4 hours a day/5days a week for about 5 months, after a 5 month period in between
my retake was about 2-3 hours a day 4 days a week for another 4 months

My first score was my PT avg the month prior going into the test
My retake was a total underperformance, as I was PTing around 171-173 a month going in...

I retook because I was WL at my top school choices... with my 169...

I'm very disappointed because I really felt confident in my retake especially with a better familiarity of the material this time around...

my LG was 0/-1, LR 0/-4 (avg -2), RC was -3/-6 ( avg -4)

I have used all the recent PT's and the rest for sections and problem sets...

I am definitely thinking about August with the deadline approaching....

How do I approach studying as I used most of the material with no fresh PT to gauge my standing

I appreciate any input

Thank you all!

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