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How to spend the last month of studying/tips for consistency?

madisont144madisont144 Monthly Member
in August 2022 LSAT 75 karma

I am taking the test in August, and I am trying to get my scoring to be more consistent. My goal is a 172. Here are the results from my last 4 tests:

PT 63:
LR -1
LG -3
RC -3

PT 64:
LR -1
LG -0
RC -2

PT 65:
LR -4
LG -1
RC -4

PT 66
LR -1
LG -2
RC -4

My current plan is to take two full PTs a week and take one day a week to take a PT section by section spaced out. Does that seem like enough? Any tips for consistency? I feel like I can never do well in every section.


  • 0hbergine0hbergine Monthly Member
    54 karma

    I've read that it is best to take the more modern tests just before test day, as the questions and difficulty is more similar (e.g., PTs 80-92). If you haven't already taken those, it might be a good idea to use them now!

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