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Tips on Taking Notes on RC?

madebysu98madebysu98 Monthly Member

Hello, I am recently trying to take notes by using the memory method. I feel helpful on some sides but experiencing lots of trouble simultaneously.
First of all, I run out of time whenever I try to take some notes by using this method (I need extra 5 minutes at least). This happens because I take a long time to read (4 minutes per passage on average), and I also overthink what to note. I still do not have consistent rules on my note-taking - sometimes I put only names and years, sometimes only names and key terms..etc. Since I cannot be sure what to note, I should take the time to clarify it. Then this time consumption makes me rush even more in the end.

Therefore, I want to ask if there are any tips on note taking or using the memory method in RC. If you are not using the memory method, can you suggest any alternate way of approaching RC? Any tips will be welcomed!


  • kwillar9kwillar9 Member
    243 karma

    I used Reading Comp Hero's notetaking method. The course does cost some money, but I think it was worthwhile for me.

  • teechj117teechj117 Alum Member
    290 karma

    I use the low res - high res method. Practice this untimed. You don't want to practice something new under time constraints. RC is difficult to just go by memory, especially if it's a harder passage with a lot of referential phrases to previous paragraphs. Some questions may ask you to refer to a line in the passage or a particular subject. You should be actively marking as you are going along, and you'll get a better idea of these patterns as you do more RC.

    And the point is to stay active, especially with the denser material or a subject you just aren't interested in (science can be the worst). On the flipside, you can get caught off guard with a subject you do have interest in by making an assumption based on your personal opinion. As always, stick to the passage, and don't let those testmakers bait you into calling into your own feelings on the matter.

    Hope this helps

  • Gatsby96Gatsby96 Monthly Member
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    Hi there! I am actually on the same boat with me RC passages as well.
    For the Digital LSAT, how are we expected to takes notes on the passage

  • julia.grevejulia.greve Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hey there!

    I am actually teaching a free live class on this exact topic tonight!

    Check out mine and other live classes at the link below. They are free for the next few days.

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    It’s much more important that you are able to take notes than that you actually do. If you can write summaries, you don’t need to. The notes reflect your understanding, but they don’t improve or refine it. If you can’t take notes, you’ve got work to do. If you can, you’re pretty much good to go. It’s important that you comprehend the passage, not that you translate that comprehension into a highly condensed notation on your scratch paper. Note taking is a great exercise, but as an actual strategy it can be clumsy and distracting. Don’t mistake exercise for execution!

    Also, 4 minutes is not a long time to read the passages. I scored an official 176 with a -0 RC, and my average passage read time is 4 minutes. You are in very good company.

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