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ADHD and Character & Fitness

ashlaayyashlaayy Core Member
in Bar 25 karma

I have graduted from university with my bachelors and now I am currenlty studying for the LSAT. Last week I sought out an evaultion for ADHD, was subsequenlty diagnosed, and then provided with a prescription for adderall. Will this negativley affect my Character and Fitness questionare for the mental health category??? (depending on the state I end up in)


  • woodpusherjbwoodpusherjb Member
    72 karma

    Following bc I'm literally in the exact same position.

  • natcabrera101natcabrera101 Free Trial Member
    13 karma

    following because in the same poisition as well

  • wiltwilt Member
    27 karma

    Why would having a disability reflect poorly on you. Y'all gotta relax man

  • jorgealedesmajorgealedesma Member
    35 karma

    1) The ADA, read up on it.

    2) Anecdotal, but plenty of attorneys have ADHD.

    As above, chill out. Everything is going to be fine.

  • moonstars5678moonstars5678 Member
    166 karma

    I would also look into getting accommodations for the LSAT if that applies to you! Could help you significantly.

  • WashingtonDCgalWashingtonDCgal Live Member
    58 karma

    Absolutely not. The Powerscore podcast has a good episode on this. The creators of the LSAC have to follow very strict protocol for disabilities- their website goes into this in more detail as well. Like any minority group, those with learning disabilities are part of a statistic they need to meet. I'm going into special education law and have been learning a lot about this.

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