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Score preview

Hey guys,
What are your thoughts on score preview? Can law schools see if you cancel your score? I don't know if I want to spend even more money on LSAC stuff! But if it really is beneficial, I think I'll look into it for my October test.


  • BWMurphyBWMurphy Alum Member
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    I'm not convinced they are of any real value for most test takers. Every school you apply to will know you canceled your score. So the question is: do you want them to see that you got a 150 or for them to look at your released score(s) and guess what your low score could've been?

    The only case that I think offers any real potential benefit is if you're applying to a T14 school and already have a 170ish score under your belt but want to test again to get something closer to a 180. I can understand why a Harvard-hopeful would be concerned about the potential of applying with a 170 score while having a more recent 162 strapped to their leg fi they fail to increase their score. One might worry that their most recent score will be more reflective of their ability than their 170. You could always write an addendum but I think a score cancelation would be better in this situation (just avoid talking about it instead of wasting an addendum to explain); however, they will still see that you canceled a score after achieving a 170. So, you're now just leaving it up to their imagination as to how far you deviated from your 170. They probably won't care or even think about it. But that's the reality of the situation.

    I've heard some people say it's good for peace of mind for first time test takers. But for first time test takers I don't see why you need to worry about getting a "good" score on your first attempt. I don't think T14 schools look at someone who went from a 160 to a 175 any differently than someone who only has the 175 reporting. They only incorporate your high score into their metrics anyways. Yale's JD class profile LSAT median won't go down if you got a 150 but managed to pull off a 180 after. I suppose you could reverse that and come away with the same message, but going from a 180 to a 150 might raise some eyebrows...

    Hope this helps,

  • juicewrld-1juicewrld-1 Member
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    Thanks Brian!

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