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Take test once (Nov) or twice (Nov and Oct)

Hi all,

Today is the final day to register for the November 2022 test. I am currently registered for the October test but am planning to move my test to November. I have been in a score plateau recently and am confident I can elevate my score the few extra points it needs if I have another month to study. However, I am trying to decide whether it would be to my benefit to keep my October test scheduled and also register for the November test rather than only taking the November test. At this point, the financial cost would be the same to move my October test or to register for a new test entirely. So the question is--do I take the test in a couple weeks, despite knowing that I'm not quite where I want to be and will take it again the following month? Or would it be better to wait until November and take it once, hopefully with more confidence and better grasp of those few question types I'm still struggling with?

Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!


  • nadian00rnadian00r Core Member
    69 karma

    Hi! I’m kind of in the same boat as you. As someone who is really anxious for the October test, I’ve chosen to take both and use my October test to serve sort of as an ultimate PT in advance for the November test. That way if I struggle on any parts of the test (timing wise, general anxiety, or certain sections/problems), I can develop the necessary skills to adapt to them by November.

  • blanklawblanklaw Member
    490 karma

    Same-- my mindset is sort of to use the Oct. test to have any panics and then do the "real thing" in Nov.

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