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Feeling demotivated and lacking energy 2 days before LSAT

I'm taking the LSAT in 2 days and yet I am not feeling nervous. It hasn't even registered that I am taking the LSAT, it just feels like I am taking any other practice test. I started RC section on PT 88 yesterday but midway through I just stopped. Usually, when I start a section I complete I never just stop. What can I do to re-energize myself? It's not a bad thing that I'm viewing this as any other test because that may actually help to mitigate anxiety the day of but the lack of energy is a problem. Any thoughts?


  • Caffeinated99Caffeinated99 Core Member
    62 karma

    If it helps I am feeling the same way! I think its okay tho basically everything I have seen has said to take it easy the 2 days (even the week) before and to not even study the day before the test.

  • circular seasoningcircular seasoning Core Member
    34 karma

    This happened to me about two weeks ago and first off I think you did the right thing by stopping! You recognized that it was off and instead of serving yourself an unnecessary dose of anxiety you chose to take care of yourself. If anything maybe just do 5-10 question problem sets or maybe one passage at a time instead of sections or full PTs. Take it easy but not too easy this test does matter! You don't want to be nonchalant on test day...remember that a higher score means likely more money and more opportunity.

  • jwilli77jwilli77 Core Member
    49 karma

    I think this is an extremely good thing and you should stop worrying about not worrying enough. If you need to do something test-related, make a fish dinner with omega3s, clean your space, make sure your computer is ready, go on a walk, and stay mentally relaxed.

  • tinacioust-1tinacioust-1 Live Member
    118 karma

    Take the next two days off. You want to make sure you feel energized the day-off. Wishing you luck

  • ---Sol------Sol--- Member
    52 karma

    I would just sleep, keep hydrated and eat well during the next 2 days. May be do 8 LR questions, 1 passage and 1 game each day just to keep your mind active. I am taking the test on Tuesday and that´s my plan. On Monday I might just go through a couple of concepts to have them fresh for the next day and nothing else.

  • snowcap007snowcap007 Member
    180 karma

    Focus on your health these last few days! You sound burnt out

  • arlenexzyarlenexzy Member
    25 karma

    Same here. For me it is as important to stay calm as it is to stay energetic (or "aggressive"). I would normally review my wrong answer journal to pick up that energy. Because it showed me in a specific, blatant way where I may still need to improve.

  • ProfLaytonProfLayton Member
    110 karma

    Touch grass and I don't even mean that as a joke. You will gain so much more from spending tomorrow unwinding and sleeping a lot TODAY and TOMORROW (not just one day). Forcing yourself to keep studying will just make you crash and burn

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