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Writing Sample Question

pmm1840pmm1840 Member
edited October 2022 in October 2022 LSAT 29 karma

Hey y'all.

I just took the October LSAT and was wondering whether I should do any form of preparation for the writing sample. I hadn't really thought about it until now. Thanks!


  • candisaulscandisauls Core Member
    15 karma

    I watched a couple of strategy videos on youtube and I felt like that was enough for me. On test day I felt pretty comfortable because I watched videos and I enjoy writing anyway. If you're like me you should be fine. If you don't like writing too much, it might be helpful to practice with a prompt.

  • blanklawblanklaw Member
    edited October 2022 490 karma

    I used the 7sage LSAT Writing to prep me (it's in the CC)

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