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January Test

fatmaalazazifatmaalazazi Alum Member
edited November 2022 in January 2023 LSAT 127 karma

Whats your study plan for January?


  • Juan23vrJuan23vr Monthly Member
    219 karma

    plan: study

  • Alisa417-1-1Alisa417-1-1 Monthly Member
    11 karma

    I took the november, that was my first test and I am applying for fall 2023. January is going to be my goal date to score where I need to. I am not a very motivated studier tbh, but my plan for the January test is to do as many drills as possible to improve where I struggle most, and try to take a PT every week. I am working with a tutor (or "LSAT coach") through 7Sage, and he recommends that I study for at least 1-2 hours per day, and take PT's 1-2x per week for the next weeks leading up to the exam.
    (More info- I started studying about 5 weeks ago and am looking to improve 5 points, so I may need to have a more rigorous plan than others).
    Good luck, we can do it!!

  • MrkaythephilosopherMrkaythephilosopher Monthly Member
    230 karma

    1 PT a week, BR, and during BR I work out/write thorough explanations for every flagged Q (should take 2- max -3 days) Then drilling weaknesses based off of analytics, specific Q type/section etc.. (1 day). After that timed sections - BR - write explanations - work out why every answer choice is right or wrong, then review (1-2 days). Repeat every week!

  • mayyyyyouluckmayyyyyouluck Monthly Member
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    To try my best to conquer the LSAT.
    GL everyone!

  • mayyyyyouluckmayyyyyouluck Monthly Member
    27 karma

    @mayyyyyouluck said:
    To try my best to conquer the LSAT.
    GL everyone!

    I also want to improve 5 points since I‘m an international applicant and the threshold for me to be accepted to my dream school may be higher than most people. Hope I can do that :)

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