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Can’t seem to improve RC

ClaudioD21ClaudioD21 Alum Member

The last 3 PTs I’ve done I’ve scored exactly -9 on all three tests. I don’t ever seem to do worse as in -10+ but at most I’ll come down to -7 but usually it’s -8/9. I have no idea what to do anymore to improve this section I feel like it’s holding me back so much. If anyone has any tips or just any advice on something I could try I’d be very thankful. Really frustrated at the moment with this consistently mediocre performance.


  • BWMurphyBWMurphy Alum Member
    75 karma

    This thread seems to have helped a lot of other 7Sage users (myself included):

    If you read to understand how each sentence functions within the passage, you should be able to greatly improve your score. I literally take a pause (sometimes brief and sometimes longer depending on how the new information fits into my understanding of the passage/subject matter) after each sentence. Although I have less time for questions, my overall understanding of the passage and my confidence in right answers leaves me with an adequate amount of time to do all of the questions within the 35-minute time constraint.

    I would recommend drilling all of the old PT material- just do one passage at a time at first using the target time and see how you do with your current approach vs what is described in that thread. I was suffering from wide variability in my RC performance (sometimes -0 and at worst -7). As soon as I implemented the technique in that thread, I started to consistently get under -3 for RC sections.

    Hope this helps,

  • sh.francissh.francis Monthly Member
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    That’s a really great thread

    Thanks for sharing

  • ryan.lattavoryan.lattavo Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    It's hard to know exactly how to prescribe a solution without sufficient insight into how you're taking Reading Comp sections, what you're missing, etc. I think what BWMurphy said (and the thread they shared) is really great advice in general.

    If you wanted one of our tutors to glance over this for you and talk to you about how tutoring could help improve your results, check out this free consult link here:

    We'd love to take a look at your analytics and help you narrow down this issue!



  • cat_personcat_person Alum Member
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    I suggest signing up for 7sage's live classes. It's not a lot of $ and Chris's RC class has been hugely helpful for me.

  • ClaudioD21ClaudioD21 Alum Member
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    Thank you all for your input! It has all been very helpful and insightful. Thanks!

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