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How long did it take you to prefect Logic Games?

georgianablythe16georgianablythe16 Monthly + Live Member
in Logic Games 113 karma

I'm feeling really hopeless when it comes to logic games. I'm still only able to really get -3 on new sections within the time constraints. I feel like I've been working on logic games for such a long time and I'm just curious how long it took others to prefect their score? Really need a high LSAT score to balance out my low GPA so it's not an option to be getting anything worse than -1/-0 on this section.


  • B_MaximumB_Maximum Monthly Member
    edited January 30 125 karma

    Hi, Georgian.
    I recall starting my LSAT journey in December 2021 and timed prep tests in August 2022, at which point I realized that a new phase in my prep journey was about to begin...
    Suffice it to say, five months (I.e., August 2022 - December 2022) allowed me to perfect logic games, EXCEPT for the Forgotten Few games (I.e., thee outlier games, like pattern and mapping games). My routine consisted of combining all of the most difficult grouping games, linear games, grouping/linear combination games, completing these games under untimed and then timed conditions, marking myself, journaling etc.
    Everybody is different. I hope this helps.

  • georgianablythe16georgianablythe16 Monthly + Live Member
    113 karma

    Thanks for sharing! What did your daily study schedule look like if you don't mind me asking? I work full-time so I can only dedicate around 2-3 hours a day to studying, and I have to work on LR too. I'm hoping to take the test in June, but honestly I'm comfortable pushing to August if need be. Currently averaging -3 for RC, -6 for LR, and -3 or -4 for LG.

  • B_MaximumB_Maximum Monthly Member
    125 karma

    Wow - good job. I would first complete 4 games per day and then review these games myself before finding videos and resorting to the textbook to review the theory. Likewise, we can relate to the section about LR. Pls might you be able to share the resources that you are using for LR? I am trying to improve LR.

    I hope the above helps!

  • georgianablythe16georgianablythe16 Monthly + Live Member
    113 karma

    Thanks! Honestly LR is my worst section. I can go anywhere from -10 to -2 but average around -6/-7. I took a two month break from studying and just started up again at the end of December. I've been focusing solely on Logic Games since then, but am starting LR prep again this week. I used Ellen Cassidy's Loophole book and I plan to reread it in February. Her Powerful/Provable method did help me, but honestly what I'm focusing on for the next 4 or so months is drilling. Especially the question types I have the most trouble with. (7sage's analytics are a huge help there) If you haven't read Ellen's book I think it's a good supplement for 7sage's core curriculum, which I've also utilized. Now it's just about really targeting my weak areas and working on my overall method/approach to the section. Best of luck!

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