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Surprising LSAT Score :(

kgabbanikgabbani Monthly Member

Just got my score back after taking it a second time. The first time I took it was with the LSAT Flex during Covid. I do not remember my score but I definitely cancelled it. Anyways, I got my score back today and I scored a 135 (big yikes). Mind you, I have scored on practice tests in the high 150s so I was really surprised. I have college applications due soon. But I'm currently an immigration paralegal who works full time. I'm hoping that my 4 years of immigration law experience, GPA, personal statements, and recommendation letters from mentors and lawyers I currently work with will have some law schools overlook my score. I'm also applying to 10 schools in hope that at least ONE school will take me. My score does not define me. But also at the same time, highly contemplating to take the next test in April.

HELP!!! Any advice is highly appreciated :)


  • jd20fnjd20fn Monthly + Live Member
    14 karma

    You should definitley retake... if you were scoring in the high 150s than you basically have proof that you can do better. No reason to self sabatoge with that score if you've gotten much higher on practice test before.

  • jessica8871jessica8871 Monthly + Live Member
    365 karma

    I am just curious, but is it possible for the LSAC to make a mistake ? A 135 seems way out of your range. That's at least a 20 point difference which I think is too much because it seems like you definitely have the fundamentals.

  • kgabbanikgabbani Monthly Member
    16 karma

    @jessica8871 Is there a way to check and see if they made a mistake?

  • mikalyn.greenzweigmikalyn.greenzweig Monthly Member
    288 karma

    Following because my LSAT score was also 11 points lower than where I'm typically PTing.

  • nicsydney0210nicsydney0210 Alum Member
    edited February 1 50 karma

    You guys are not alone! I was PTing consistently in the 150s but my score dropped -10 on the January LSAT i am sooo upset but all we can do is keep taking PTs and pushing through!

  • ellemkayellemkay Alum Member
    35 karma

    I was PTing in the 160s and got a 150 today, but mind you, I had a huge panic attack during the exam, so I think my nerves and emotions overtook. My first time writing.

  • sec163-1sec163-1 Free Trial Member
    9 karma

    You're right! "[You] score does not define [you]."Like you, I have paralegal work experience. In addition, I have self-advocacy experiences in personal legal matters. I've been to courts (immigration, family law, and civil rights, etc.) more frequently than some 1Ls have been to courts, if they are ever.

    A variation of similar testing/ scoring experience here. I PTed between 162 and 169 up until the week leading to the actual test day. My score from the actual test day: 155. That is exactly the same as my score from November 2022, where I was much less prepared across all three sections. For the recent test, I felt I was much more prepared for the LG, my most challenging section. My LR could be as good as -2 sometimes and never exceeded -6. I feel cheated by the test because I put in all the extra efforts to end up with an outcome that I could/ did achieve without the extra efforts and time.

    Personally, I would wait till the next application cycle. I wonder if anyone has info on when the dreaded LG is going to be replaced with a different analytical reasoning section.

  • decesares1decesares1 Monthly Member
    85 karma

    oof! Is this typical? I am wondering now how much can be attributed to nerves/anxiety and how much can be attributed to "tougher questions." Hmm!

  • prayerfulprayerful Alum Member
    48 karma

    You are correct, your score does not define you! But if you can, try to get a better score to increase your chances of entry into law school. If you don't want to re-take, your personal statement should be award-winningly good. Perhaps hire a consultant to help you with it.

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