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Does T3 care about your course load on transcript?

BerserkeleyBerserkeley Alum Member

I was just wondering...aside from stellar GPA and LSAT, if law schools like Yale Harvard Stanford and Columbia would consider the workload of each semester...? Like how many units you have taken. I am asking this because I took extremely low units in some semesters where I was affected negatively by a car accident.


  • jacob.baskajacob.baska Monthly Member Admissions Consultant
    19 karma

    Thanks for the question, Beserkeley!

    Yes, schools will consider the context of your academic performance. They'll notice if you were taking a consistent amount of credit hours (usually 15 or 16 per semester) or had some semesters where you were either over- or under-loading. This isn't a problem at all but we would advise addressing this issue somewhere in your app. The usual place is an Addenda. You could mention the car accident (including details on when it was and how it affected you) and then note that you took a lighter courseload in the subsequent semesters while recovering.

    I hope that helps!

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