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Same Mistake Twice

markmywordsmarkmywords Monthly Member
in General 95 karma

I have done problems that it's my second go-round and will choose the exact incorrect AC I did previously. It's interesting because once I know the right AC and am looking at my wrong answer journal, I clearly see what I did wrong and I'm like, I definitely knew better. And I'm bugged with myself for not remembering the concept. I think I'm pretty thorough with my WAJ, but am I not being thorough enough? Or just takes time for this stuff to sink in?


  • elias.christensenelias.christensen Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    37 karma

    Hey there! So from what you describe, I don't think there's anything wrong with your Wrong Answer Journal thoroughness if you're able to explain and recognize the problem outside of time pressure. It does take time to sink in, but also I would say it's worth taking some time at this point to try and puzzle out how these consistent wrong answers are relating to your overall test approach, rather than each question in isolation. Look at the questions you've gotten wrong multiple times; do they have certain things in common? Maybe you dismiss right answers too quickly, or maybe you aren't taking a moment to check your logic when picking the wrong answers. Maybe it's certain question types that you need to pay a little extra attention on, or maybe it's certain subjects that throw you off. And maybe it's the time pressure itself, and you may need to think of approaches that will help you ease some of that pressure and focus on the problems!

    I know that's a pretty generalized response, but with a question like this the best advice I can give really is to take some time to sit down and puzzle out what's going on with you to figure out the way forward. If you'd like a little help getting there, you can always schedule a free consultation with one of our expert tutors to look over your analytics and get an idea of where your approach is falling short!

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