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What practice tests to take now that syllabus does not exclusively cover Pre PT35?

brett.n.m.kellybrett.n.m.kelly Monthly Member
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What range of PTs should I be using now that the drill function uses a wider range of PTs? Any admin help would be greatly appreciated as this is a point of worry for me at the moment.


  • brett.n.m.kellybrett.n.m.kelly Monthly Member
    edited March 17 6 karma

    help #admin

  • sucralosedaddysucralosedaddy Monthly Member
    edited March 17 210 karma

    Its not the drill function that uses a wider range of PTs, its just the auto-builder, you can still pick out questions manually. For the auto-builder though, hover your mouse over the "i" and it explains which pool it will pull questions from.

  • Cherry - Student ServiceCherry - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    1019 karma

    @"brett.n.m.kelly" The questions from the Drilling Pool are mostly from PT1-45, but also pull from later PTs that are from the LR sections that are skipped if you "Simulate Modern".

    So if you choose "Simulate Modern" while taking a PrepTest and take PTs 45 and higher, there will be absolutely no overlap between PT LR and Drilling pool LR. In other words, you're guaranteed to have a fresh PT with a reliable PT score.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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