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PT vs Drilling

guitarnaraguitarnara Alum Member
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I need advice.
I started doing my PTs 4 weeks ago (have done10 PTs so far) - aiming for October.
So my concern is that my scores are fluctuating greatly. Last week I scored a 160 (BR 169) and this week I scored a disappointing 153 (BR 163).

This leads me to my question...

So I have seen improvements in the LG section (used to be - 7--10, now around -2 ~ -4) - of course it still needs work.
RC ... really depends.. sometimes it's -3 and some other times it's -6.

But my biggest problem is the LR section. Except for One PT where I had a 85% accuracy rate, I am consistently getting loads of questions wrong (- 20 ~ - 23, on bad days).

With 2 months to go, I decided to stop doing Prep tests for this week (maybe next week as well) to simply drill more LR questions.
I know that PT is an essential part of the learning curve and I want to do as much as I can before the exam, but I feel like I need to drill more. Instead of exhausting every Cambridge Drill questions, I am thinking about only doing the question types that I am struggling with for now.

Do you think it is better for me to drill more questions, in my current state, and start doing my PTs perhaps next week or the week after? Or should I simply do as much PTs as possible + BR? (I have gone through the core curriculum + the LSAT Trainer- LR )

With 9-10 weeks left, time is gold...
That being said I don't need a 170+... more like165+ or even 160 +


  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Probably best if you review the RC section and take a break on PTs for now. They're a finite resource after all.

    Still, you're doing better while BRing. That means timing is an issue.
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    @guitarnara said:
    Or should I simply do as much PTs as possible + BR?
    It depends on how thorough of a BR you're willing/able to do, especially given the issues you're having with LR. Make sure when you're BR'ing that you truly, madly, deeply understand the reasoning structure/arguments in the stimuli. Do you truly understand what's going on, all the time (during BR)? If yes, then I think the number of misses is likely a matter of habit/practice.

    If you find you're often NOT able to pick the meat off the bone in LR, then consider a full-force return to drilling and double-covering your bases in terms of fundamentals. And in that case, with 66 days until October 3rd (yes I'm counting), I would recommend that you postpone.

    Remember: Truly. Madly. Deeply.

  • guitarnaraguitarnara Alum Member
    365 karma
    Thank you for your responses. @nicole.hopkins After every PT, I spend about 3 -4 hours to BR. I go through every question and make sure I understand every question thoroughly. For the most part, I have no problem understanding what the questions are saying or want me to do. Among the questions I still get wrong, after BR, are mostly ones where I couldn't choose between two answer choices or ones that I misconstrued (eg. different subject matters with similar traits).

    So, yesterday and today, I finished 500 flaw + NA questions... Hopefully I can drill as much as I can this week so that I can PT soon.
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