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A week left... What should I be doing?

guitarnaraguitarnara Alum Member
in General 365 karma
I have been PTing around 163 (last 5 tests).
Two days ago I took PT 73 and my score dropped to 156 (wtf)- I have no idea what happened, I zoned out during LG got -11 and did horrible on the second LR (-11).
I am aiming for 160+ and will probably retake in Dec to aim for 165+.

Anyhow, I realized that I should probably stop taking fresh PTs. PT 73 killed my confidence.
Would it benefit me to be do timed PTs of tests that I've taken instead?

If not, what should I be doing?



  • eastringeastring Alum Member
    109 karma
    I'm in exactly the same position as you! My PT average is 163 and I took PT 73 today and dropped a few points. I'm also aiming for 165+ on Dec exam and worried that I will get sth below 160 on the Oct exam for some crazy reason. I think at this point, we shouldn't really be doing any more PT as it can just kill our confidence on the game day. We might be burning out and dropping a few points. My plan is to review PT73/72 (my worst two) thoroughly and do a few game sections for fun. Don't worry too much and good luck!! :)
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    If you're fairly certain you're taking December (and you likely should for scholarship money regardless of admission prospects), then I would say save the fresh PTs for December. Either retake one from the 70s or just do some light drilling to keep yourself sharp. I think stress/hydration/nutrition/sleep management are more important at this late stage in the game than any PT work.
  • leonsmoneyleonsmoney Member
    280 karma
    I wouldn't base anything off one bad PT. I know 72 has a bad reputation but I breezed through 72 and 73 killed me. 166 on 72 160 on 73 and 167 on 74. The part that was scary was I felt like I did very well on 73, but I bombed one of the LR sections hard. Anyway, don't let one bad PT discourage you. To me 73 was the hardest of the 70s. I know many will disagree but depends on the person. Good luck to you!
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